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“Practice a random act of senseless kindness every day.”
By  Estelle Toby Goldstein, MD
There is just too much violence in this world.
It causes immense human suffering, including conditions that often bring people into mental health care.
The most energetic way to fight this is to actively spread kindness in the world.
Start spreading kindness right here and right now.
The process is simple —
Instead of worrying, complaining, getting angry or feeling frustrated, take a few minutes to think about spreading kindness.
Write a story about something kind someone did for you, or that you did for someone else. Then post it here.
You will be awarded Kindness Points for doing this. You will love Kindness points because they will add up and be redeemable for things of value very soon.  We are working on that and will announce more details.
Your story doesn’t have to be long, but it has to be true — something that really happened.
You do not have to put your name or address on it, although you can if you want.  Your initials, city, or even a slogan like “Grateful in Garden Grove” will work.
1.)  I walk with a cane, so it is hard for me to unlock shopping carts that are hooked together in front of a supermarket and take one to use myself.  Not long ago a woman (carrying a baby) actually saw me struggling and delivered her empty cart to me, so I did not have to struggle.
2.)  My husband was holding my hand in the dark winter night as we returned to our car in the parking lot.  We had to step down from a curb that was impossible to see.  A stranger shined a flashlight at our feet to show us the way.
*  *  *
You may be surprised to learn that acts of kindness cost little or no money and are not at all difficult to perform, but can bring great joy.
That is a reward in itself — and it is contagious.  We want kindness to go viral to make a better world.
Most site features are online now! Check it out!
Most site features are online now! Check it out!

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Today I will commit one random act of senseless KINDNESS… Will You?